Highly Rated Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation in Chatsworth, CA

After a nice, relaxing meal, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken garbage disposal.  This frequently used kitchen appliance makes it easy to get rid of leftover food and keep those nasty, rotten, food smells from stinking up your home. Unfortunately, sometimes garbage disposals stop working. When this happens, you have one of two choices. You can either throw your hands up in surrender to your disposal. Or, you can call My Chatsworth Plumber Hero.

By seeking out professional plumbing service, you are taking steps toward resurrecting your disposal and saving money at the same time. No, repairs are not free, but neither is a new garbage disposal. When you call us for help, we’ll troubleshoot with you over the phone and give you suggestions for ways to try to get your disposal running on your own. If our suggestions don’t work, we’ll send a technician to your home right away to investigate the problem more closely.

DIY Garbage Disposal Repair Solutions

Everyone wants to save money. We get this and we know that you don’t always need a technician to help you get your disposal working again. There are some situations that can easily be solved by pushing the reset button on the disposal’s motor or by removing food particles or other objects from between the blades of the disposal to help it turn better.

Of course, we always recommend that if these solutions don’t work that you call for assistance. Inexperienced homeowners without a plumbing background could injure themselves or accidentally make the situation worse. Our plumbing specialists know their way around all brands of garbage disposal and they guarantee their work.

The Benefits of Professional Installation

Are you considering replacing your disposal? Or, are you interested in installing a disposal for the first time? A garbage disposal works well as long as it is installed correctly. Things like faulty wiring, poor attachment, and an inadequate power source can directly affect the function and lifespan of a disposal. Sure, there are plenty of videos on the Internet that can show you how to install a disposal, but without the right skills, tools, and a plumbing background you may end up installing the device incorrectly. Not only will it not work well, but improper installation could clog your kitchen sink, damage your drain pipes, and void manufacturer warranties.

Do yourself a favor and secure the services of a professional plumber in Chatsworth, CA, when you need garbage disposal repairs or installation. The value in quality, plumbing service is priceless!